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The King of fruits is finally here!!!!!!

Posted on: March 28, 2013


Have it as a dessert, pickle or just on its own…. the mango is by far my favorite fruit & I’m sure loved all over the planet as well. I think the best way to enjoy mangoes is simply cut them lengthwise on either side of the seed and use your hands to eat directly. I love the sticky slurrpy taste of the juice while eating mangoes. I remember as kids we used to get boils the size of mangoes too after eating them, but it was worth it.

This is the time of year when you’ll find women busy buying raw mangoes and preparing pickles, chutneys, chundas or murabbas (yummy!!!!) Most houses make aamras (sweet mango juice from ripe mangoes) or aam panna (made from raw mangoes). My mum made pickle too, though she had to fight us off trying to pinch the raw mangoes off the table. (Ha! Ha!)

This year the crop seems better (last year mangoes were very expensive ‘coz of a rough winter) and not so expensive. Small price to pay considering its only 2 months of the year. My husband usually prefers buying mangoes in late April, though this time I got so excited seeing mangoes being sold I harassed him into buying me a dozen….:D Needless to say, he was grumpy when he found out I had eaten one without him…. He enjoys mangoes more than I do, he is just is too macho to show it. Well, hope you guys enjoy the mango season as much as I am…. See you in a day or two.


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[…] The King of fruits is finally here!!!!!! ( […]

[…] The King of fruits is finally here!!!!!! ( […]

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